Mar 04 2022

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Salon In Your Next Interview

What Every Stylist Should Know Before Getting Hired

As a stylist looking for a new position, chances are you’ve done research on what to expect during an interview, including what questions salon owners/managers may ask. But, what about the questions YOU should ask during an interview? Whether you’re a new stylist right out of school or an experienced pro who is looking to make a change, there is certain information you want and need to know about a salon before you commit to being a new hire.

To help you out, here are the top five questions you need to ask before you join a salon as a new hire – along with our answers.

1. Does this salon provide continued education and training?

You should ask about education programs, including who pays for training and getting certified for additional service offerings. Even if you are fresh out of school, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques is vital.

Our answer is simple: we are committed to both the personal and professional growth and development of our stylists. Our goal is to ensure everyone within our family feels supported and secure, so they can be as successful as they want to be. That’s why we offer countless FREE professional classes to all our stylists.

2. What compensation and benefits do you offer?

You need to think about your income potential at the salon – rather than focusing only on hourly wages or commission percentages. A total compensation package should include specific benefits such as insurance, vacation time, sick pay, retirement plans, and more.

We understand that stylists need more than simply an hourly wage. Some owners offer stylists paid vacations, healthcare, 401k packages, and paid training. We also understand that life looks different for everyone, so we offer flexible part-time and full-time schedules.

Another question to ask is what are salaries for top stylists? This answer gives you an idea of both your starting pay and your overall income potential.

Our stylists have unlimited earning potential. That’s because we offer guaranteed base pay, and our hourly pay rates increase with productivity, plus commission and tips.

3. How would you describe the culture in your salon?

Get the interviewer’s perspective about the overall culture of the salon. Ask what the stylists would say they like best – and least – about working there. This not only gives you a glimpse into the culture but also lets you know how authentic owners are about the wins and challenges their team faces. Also, ask how long stylists have been there. A good indication of a healthy culture is a low turnover rate.

We consider our stylists as family, and our family members love their jobs and are happy to tell you why. At most salons, you may get to talk to one or two team members. Here, you can see dozens of testimonials from our stylists right now.

We’ve built a culture of support that pays off with stylists who stay with us for years – even entire careers. We’re proud to recognize and celebrate milestone anniversaries. And, all new hires are welcomed with a sign-on gift after 60 days as our way of saying, “Welcome to the family!”

4. Does this salon help me build my clientele?

Find out what the salon does to help you be successful. Do they advertise and run specials? Are you required to take part in promotions? How active is the salon in helping you fill your chair day in and day out?

Our full-service salons have a strong existing guest base and a reputation for quality services, including color, that people trust. This means we have both plenty of appointments and a steady stream of walk-in traffic, which keeps you busy quickly and allows you to build ongoing clients. Plus, we provide regional salon marketing to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back.

5. Does your salon have a back bar charge?

Many salons charge back bar fees; these are fees that a stylist is charged for using salon products. This is money that comes directly out of your pocket and can add up quickly.

None of our salons charge back bar fees. All high-quality Fantastic Sams styling products are available at no charge for stylists. That means more money for you, helping add to your success.

Good luck in your job search! To find out more about joining the Fantastic Sams family, view our job listings and apply online today.

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