Apr 04 2022

Build a Better Book with Fantastic Sams

3 Ways to Keep a Busy Chair

Stylists are almost always looking to build clientele, especially if you’re just starting your career or have recently been hired by a new salon. Regardless of your skills, it can be difficult to attract new clients – That being one of the top reasons many smart stylists choose a career with Fantastic Sams.

For independent stylists, if you don’t have a strong book of regular clients, you’re not bringing in money. But, as a member of the Fantastic Sams family, there’s no pressure for you to work on building a clientele—we take care of that for you. Plus, you can make a base salary that you can depend on.

Take a look at some of the ways Fantastic Sams helps you keep your chair filled and build a loyal client base.

Strong Marketing

One of the best and quickest ways to build clientele is through marketing, whether it’s traditional media such as ads and flyers or social media. However, it can be both expensive and time-consuming.
Fantastic Sams does it all for you without costing you any time or money. We place national, regional, and local advertising that promotes our salons. We’ve spent years branding our name through creative marketing that captures attention.

We also have a strong presence on social media that shows the outstanding talent and creativity of our stylist. Individual stylists can take advantage of the power of the Fantastic Sams name on their own social media posts through links and hashtags, gaining even more exposure.

Walk-in Clients Welcome

Fantastic Sams is known for great haircuts and convenience. People know they can come to our full-service salons without an appointment and get quality service from talented stylists. They also look to our salons for everything from quick trims to sophisticated color and more. Our customers love that they can get a cut, color, style, and eyebrow waxing in one visit—even if they just decided to come in that day. As a Fantastic Sams stylist, you can count on a steady stream of walk-in clients who are looking for a variety of services, even on days when you thought you had nothing planned.

Repeat Clients

Like we stated earlier, once someone visits a Fantastic Sams, it’s more than likely they’ll be back. So in addition to walk-in clients, you can count on returning guests as well. This enables our stylist to meet plenty of new clients and develop a loyal following. Many of our clients don’t have a particular preference because they know the level of talent and creativity all our stylists possess. However, some people request individual stylists just like boutique salons. At several of our locations, clients can easily book online where they can request a particular stylist. They also have the option to book a follow-up appointment after any service.

When you factor in all of these ways of getting people into our salons and making sure they’re satisfied once they get there, it’s clear how easy it is to gain clientele as part of the Fantastic Sams family!

To find out more about joining our well-respected and talented group of stylists in the Minneapolis area, check out our job listings and apply online today.

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