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Oct 24

2022 Fantastic Sams Convention Recap  

Last month, Fantastic Sams Cut & Color teams from across the nation gathered in Las Vegas for our 2022 National Convention. It was an event filled with great education, connecting and celebrating the talented stylists from all over the U.S.. The convention was highlighted with our annual Artistic Styling Awards,…

Oct 12

2022 Artistic Styling Awards (ASA) Highlights  

Stylists are artist who love to show off what they can do. And that’s exactly what the Fantastic Sams Minnesota team did at the annual Artistic Styling Awards. The ASA is a national competition for Fantastic Sams across the country to showcase the amazing talent our stylists have in several…

Sep 06

Fall in Love with Fall Fashion  

‘Tis the Season to Sharpen Your Skills! There are lots of reasons to fall in love with fall, the crisp air, football, and pumpkin spiced everything! But one of the biggest reasons so many people love this time of year is the fashion – especially in Minneapolis, where great style…

Aug 01

Experience Matters  

Seasoned pros talk about their careers.  In this space, we usually focus on stylists who are at the early stage of their careers with topics such as questions to ask before you take a job, how to build your book, and how to find your first job as a stylist….

Jul 05

3 Tips to Finding the Right Salon to Work In  

Trusting the Vibe AND Your Gut Congratulations – you did it! You completed one of the most vigorous and physically intensive educational paths that will no doubt lead you to a fulfilling career. Not only did you learn how to skillfully craft haircuts and styles, but you diligently studied the…

Jun 03

5 Must-Have Skills for a Successful Stylist Career  

Fantastic Tips for a Fantastic Future In beauty school, they taught vital professional skills. But, once you begin working in the beauty industry, there are other skills you need to develop beyond physical services. The professional tips listed will help you not only survive as a stylist but also help…

May 06

How to Land Your First Job After Beauty School  

3 Steps to Success Beauty school is usually an exciting time, filled with learning, creativity, and fun. But as you work toward the finish line, the next step – getting a “real” job in a salon –  can cause some anxiety. We’re here to help with tips on how to…

Apr 27

Stylist Hall Of Fame  

At Fantastic Sams Cut & Color we take showing our appreciation seriously, and we’re proud to recognize and celebrate milestone anniversaries.  Recently, we honored stylists who have been at FS for 15+ years with a gift of Hanzo Shears! Congratulations, and thank you to the stylists below for being part of our Fantastic family….

Apr 04

Build a Better Book with Fantastic Sams  

3 Ways to Keep a Busy Chair Stylists are almost always looking to build clientele, especially if you’re just starting your career or have recently been hired by a new salon. Regardless of your skills, it can be difficult to attract new clients – That being one of the top…

Mar 04

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Salon In Your Next Interview  

What Every Stylist Should Know Before Getting Hired As a stylist looking for a new position, chances are you’ve done research on what to expect during an interview, including what questions salon owners/managers may ask. But, what about the questions YOU should ask during an interview? Whether you’re a new…

Feb 22

2021 Artistic Styling Awards (ASA) Highlights  

Each year, Fantastic Sams hosts the annual Artistic Styling Awards (ASA), a national competition to highlight the best work from Fantastic Sams across the nation. ASA showcases technical cutting, colors, and styling through 12 categories including Commercial Color, Commercial Texture, Artistic Cut & Style, more! Fantastic Sams Cut & Color…