Mar 08 2023

7 Foiling and Maintenance Tips for Successful Stylists


Highlighting Highlights

It might not feel like it yet, but spring is right around the corner. This usually means more clients who want to lighten up their hair. To help our stylists, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for foiling blonde shades.

Pull in a New Skill

To keep existing blondes looking their best without overprocessing, the latest trend is foil pulling. By spending a bit more time with this technique, you can make your client happy and keep their hair healthy.

It’s a simple technique done after processing. You begin by only applying highlight on the regrowth. Then, after pulling each foil, use your fingers to drag the lightener all the way down to the ends. Once you blend, you can apply the leftover lightener you mixed for the foils directly onto the ends if they need further lightening. Just leave it on for a few minutes to add a bit of brightness.

It’s a subtle shift, but one that gives a more natural look to blonde highlights.

“It is a lot of fun knowing that I’m walking into the salon and doing a variety of services.” – Austin, FS Stylist

Placement Matters

Every foil placemat method and pattern offers a unique style. Don’t get locked into a single method. Instead, study multiple patterns and see what effect they give. Talk with other stylists to see what their favorites are and share your placement methods with them. This will give you the ability to give clients a range of highlighted looks.

Face Framing

Every stylist knows the importance of framing the face. It adds a soft brightness that makes a big difference. You can up your face-framing foils by adding additional foils at the nape of the neck. Simply apply two additional foils behind the top of each ear, tapering diagonally toward the nape. This additional touch of color adds unexpected dimension when hair is moving.

Faster Foiling

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to getting faster at foiling other than lots and lots of practice. Some professionals say that it takes up to 50,000 foils to up your speed! So keep those fingers moving and practice, practice, practice!

Keep Your Education Going

Whether it’s new highlighting techniques or the hottest new cuts and styles, as a stylist you always need to keep learning and growing. A career with Fantastic Sams makes that easier through ongoing training. We offer stylists at every experience level continuing education classes and in-salon training sessions as part of employment, so there’s never a fee. Our stylists also experience industry trade shows and our own exclusive conferences. Our stylists get all the experience and we get happy, satisfied stylists who are always at the top of their game.

“I really love that FS offers continuing education. It makes it really easy to be the very best version of yourself.” – Sarah, FS Stylist

Highlight Your Career

Add to your professional highlight reel by becoming a part of the Fantastic Sams Cut and Color family. Visit job listings at Fantastic Sams and apply today online!

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