Sep 06 2022

Fall in Love with Fall Fashion

‘Tis the Season to Sharpen Your Skills!

There are lots of reasons to fall in love with fall, the crisp air, football, and pumpkin spiced everything! But one of the biggest reasons so many people love this time of year is the fashion – especially in Minneapolis, where great style is built into our DNA! Every year, autumn gives us a reason to update our looks with everything from new boots and coats to makeup and most importantly…hair!

For stylists, it can be a very hectic time of year. However, if you join the Fantastic Sams family, we make sure you are not only supported, but inspired, so you can give clients the best service possible.

Stay Up to Date

Fashion is constantly changing! It’s vital for stylists to stay current on all the latest hair trends. Fantastic Sams provides stylists with free industry education and resources, including free styling, color, and texture training that grows both your talent and your marketability.

Get Inspired

“I was inspired to become a stylist by going to a salon when I was younger. I loved seeing the transformation of men and women who would come in looking and feeling stressed out from their lives and then after getting their hair done, they would walk out glowing with confidence and feeling much better than when came in. It’s always more than just about ‘doing hair’ for me!” – Louise B.

Fantastic Sams really is a family; our stylists root for one another and help each other succeed. What’s more, our family is a collection of a vibrant, diverse, and dedicated group of professionals with different insights and inspirations. Everyone is happy to share their talents, tricks, and tips with other stylists to not only inspire each other but to also ensure that every client is satisfied every time. True collaboration makes for a creative and inspired environment.

Uniquely You

Some salons want stylists to fit into a pre-determined mold. You won’t find any cookie-cutter stylists at Fantastic Sams! We believe that being Fantastic means being yourself FIRST. We love to celebrate the unique skills, vision, and opinions our stylists bring to their jobs. You never have to worry about “fitting in” here.

A System of Support

The Fantastic Sams family is made up of more than just our talented stylists. Salon owners and managers are here to lend support at every turn. We’re built on a culture of support, so we go above and beyond to celebrate successes, milestones, and anniversaries. Fantastic Sams also provides our stylists with care advancement opportunities and career coaching. So while you may start in a stylist position, the sky is the limit when it comes to both your earning potential and career aspirations!

Fall in Love Again or for the First Time

“Finding a love I never knew existed! I found myself, I found confidence, and I found a love for people, hair, and creativeness.” – Paula C.

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or have decades of experience, joining the Fantastic Sams family will make you fall in love with your career as a stylist. Whatever the season, we’ll make sure that you are ready to grow and succeed.

Find out more about how you can join the Fantastic Sams family in the Minneapolis area by taking a peek at our job listings! Apply online today!

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