Jan 26 2023

New Year. New Looks!

One of the best parts of being a hairstylist is the ability to transform someone’s style from a bit outdated or boring to one that is fun, exciting and up-to-the-minute chic. That’s why it’s so important to stay up to date on all the latest cuts, colors, and overall trends. At Fantastic Sams, we do everything in our power to help our stylists stay ahead of what’s hot, helping them keep their skills sharp and their creativity engaged.

We read all the trend reports, studied the trade pubs, and poured over social media to give you a look at what we think the hottest hair trends of 2023 will be. These are the looks that will keep our stylists energized and our customers coming back time and time again.

Wild New Looks

While there are lots of retro looks to love in 2023, here are a couple of wild new cuts that are destined for the must-have lists.

The Butterfly

This red-hot, retro-inspired look features lots of long layers throughout with shorter pieces around the crown for lift and a feathery finish around the face. While seen most often on long hair, the overall silhouette works on almost any hair length. Think Jennifer Lopez for style inspiration.

The Octopus

It might be a funny name, but the look itself is nothing short of spectacular. It features lots of layers and volume on top with longer pieces that fall past the shoulders. While it looks sophisticated, this cut actually doesn’t require much styling. Billie Eilish is known to rock this modern look.

Wolf Cut

This choppy, textured cut has been in style for a couple of years, but for 2023 it’s a bit shorter with a softer, more tousled feel for a laid-back look that works on almost all types of hair.

Nods to Nostalgia

In 2023, everything old is new again – with a twist of course! Here’s a rundown of some looks of the past that you’ll definitely see this year.

70s Style

Look for the “Farah Flip” to return with modern feathery finishes around the face of long hair.

80s Edge

Bangs are back! Whether it’s the tousled look of long loose bangs or edgy blunt bangs that play up cheekbones and give a cool 80s vibe.

90s Polish

Long, sleek bobs are here again – who doesn’t want to look Posh?

00s Mullets

This time around, it’s a trendy ‘shullet’ (part shag, part mullet). Imagine the sleek look of Paris Hilton, not Billy Ray.

Stunning Styles

For stylists who love to have fun and show off a bit, while making clients look fantastic, the good news is that style artistry is back for 2023.

  • Look for gravity-defining “up” styles that are slick, sleek, and sophisticated
  • Go easy with natural comb twists for a stylish look that’s easy to maintain
  • Expect lots of blowouts as people skip the air-dried looks that dominated the stay-at-home days of the pandemic
  • Nix those straighteners as big, bouncy curls are celebrated
  • Go deep with deep side parts that make any style feel fresh and gives an edgy look to short styles
  • Shine on with the wet look featuring ultra-glossy, impossibly shiny hair
  • Build your creativity with sculptured braids that pile on the style


2023 will feature lots of styles that are a mix of two or more looks.


A free-wheeling mix between a shag and a mullet


An edgy pixie cut with the longer back of a mullet


A cute combo of a pixie’s polish and the versatility of a bob (short on top, longer on bottom – all attitude)

Bangs Make the Cut

Expect to cut a lot of bangs this year, in a variety of styles new and old. Here’s what will be hot in 2023 bangs.

Curtain Bangs

Stay in styles thanks to their versatility and complimentary shape

Wispy Bangs

Make yet another comeback (did they really ever leave?)

Bottleneck Bangs

Make it possible to picture yourself in Paris with Emily – who wears the style to perfection

Curly, Wispy Fringe Bangs

Make the perfect accent to curly, natural styles

Hello, Color!

Keep those scissors ready for all these fun, hot looks in the coming months. Of course, we have a few suggestions when it comes to color, too.

For 2023, think BOLD! We think blue braids, two-tone pinks, copper, and platinum – especially with sleek bobs, will set the tone for 2023.

Another big trend in color will be mixed hues.

Strawberry Brown Balayage

Adding deep strawberry red to deep brown base colors makes for a delicious surprise.

Ginger Brunette

No out-and-out red, but rather a warm toasted ginger really pops on a base of brunette.

Statement Money Pieces

Expect this viral trend to continue in 2023. Regardless of the base color, adding a touch of color in the “money pieces” right around the face adds a subtle hint or a bright splash, depending on the shade difference.

Pastel Blondes

Say goodbye to subtle blonde hues as bright, white blondes take center stage. The trend is even hotter with a blush of pastel hues, such as lavender, hidden in the roots.

If you want to work in an environment where your creativity shines and you’re encouraged to try all the latest trends, consider Fantastic Sams. To find out more about joining our well-respected and talented group of stylists in the Twin Cities area, check out our job listings and apply online today.

“There’s just so much you can do here at Fantastic Sams. From color services and haircuts to treatments, styling and facial waxing – there’s always an opportunity to use your full set of skills and talents.” – Erin


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