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Jul 29

Featured Stylists – Kristine & Ashley  

“At Fantastic Sams Cut & Color, I feel like my voice matters. If I need help with anything I can ask any of my coworkers. I have gained so much more knowledge and insight. My manager has helped guide me into the right direction that I want to go as a stylist, and I love every bit of it!”

Jul 12

Stylist Photo Contest Winners – June 2021  

We like to keep things exciting for our stylists, so we launched a monthly Stylist Photo Contest Program. Each month we select a service theme, ask stylists to take photos of their work, and then submit their photos into a contest to win a featured prize.

Photo of Fantastic Sams Cut & Color Hairstylists
Apr 10

Featured Stylists – Amy & Skyla  

“I enjoy working at Fantastic Sams Cut & Color because it is always evolving and changing to keep up with current trends. There are SO many opportunities to grow and learn in this industry.”