Jul 05 2022

3 Tips to Finding the Right Salon to Work In

Trusting the Vibe AND Your Gut

Congratulations – you did it! You completed one of the most vigorous and physically intensive educational paths that will no doubt lead you to a fulfilling career. Not only did you learn how to skillfully craft haircuts and styles, but you diligently studied the proper proportions of color and treatments to create works of art.

A top-notch education is important, but there is so much more to consider as you launch your beauty career! Even if you are a seasoned stylist, you know that once you’ve managed a chair for a while, sometimes, burnout can happen. Whether you’re looking for a career right out of cosmetology school, or are interested in a change of pace, here are our top three tips to keep in mind, before accepting a job offer.

Tour Multiple Salons

As you search for a salon to call “home,” you no doubt have expectations in mind of what you are looking for and accomplishments that you would like to achieve. It may take some diligence, but with the right approach, you will find the right salon to work in.

If possible, you could always start out as a receptionist and work your way up to a stylist to better understand a salon’s culture, especially if you are still in beauty school. But if you are right out of school and looking for a stylist career, or are already a stylist currently, you can accomplish this by touring multiple salons, especially salons that may be of the same branch. For example, franchises tend to have similar products and services, but the culture could differ from salon to salon.

Working at FS has made me a better stylist; I have so many fantastic stylists to look up to and learn from, plus we’re offered continued education to learn about the latest trends. – Austin H.

If you are asked back for an interview at a salon in which you have applied, ask if you can interview and tour the salon during one of their busy times to understand the pace in which you’d be expected to work. This helps to get the true feel for the salon that you may decide to work in and see if it gives off the vibe you are looking for in a workplace.

Ask Questions

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions! You will be asked several questions throughout your interview on your skills and qualifications, maybe even asked to bring a portfolio of your work, so don’t be shy when it comes to inquiring about the questions that will help you to make the best decision for you.

Hours and benefits are important, but so are items such as continued education and involvement in the community. There is no harm in finding out how you can learn more about bettering your craft and staying current with the latest trends, nor is there anything wrong with asking about community initiatives. For example, does the salon offer any educational courses on how to master blow-drying hair or other techniques? Does it participate in any food or clothing drives throughout the year? Are there opportunities to volunteer as a team in the community?

Of course, you’ll also want to question any items that are still unanswered to you, like if the salon has room for advancement, what the commission structure looks like, and if there are any back bar charges.

Trust Your Gut

Have you ever had a stylist friend say that they took a job at a salon because of it just “feeling right?” That’s why it’s so important to visit multiple salons and ask the questions that are important to you! The salon you choose will be where you learn the products and tools that you use every day inside and out; where you will create friendships, clientele, and a reputation for yourself that you can feel confident in. You must know your worth! Look for a salon that fits your lifestyle, the distance that you are willing to travel, and most of all, the good vibe that it gives you.

I became a stylist because I really wanted to find an outlet where I could help others feel better about themselves, gain confidence, and to just feel good in their own skin. What I didn’t know, was how many relationships I would gain along the way with both fellow stylists and clients that can really last a lifetime. – Nikki D.

Being a stylist is both an exciting and humbling career, one where you will get to work with some of the best people in the industry, as well as meet clients along all paths of life. Every stylist has a story of why they decided to go into the beauty industry; but the longer you are in it, the more you’ll realize why you need to keep it your passion. Trust your gut – you got this!

Looking for a fulfilling career with growth opportunities? Check out our job openings in your area at Fantastic Sams today.


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